Sierra Gregg

Full Stack Developer

Raised in the mountains, currently thriving in the plains

About Me

Everyone has a right to pursue knowledge; even those whose access may be blocked by physical, cultural, mental, or language barriers.

As a visually impaired individual, I learned early in life that access to information leads to power and freedom. This realization led me to pursue a career in Library and Information Science, believing I could help individuals break down their personal barriers to acquiring knowledge.

With experience and passion behind me, I work to make the ever-expanding repository of content that is the internet accessible to all through the medium of Web Development.


  • screenshot of main page

    Missouri Historical Society's Website

    Assisted the Missouri Historical Society in their rebranding campaign by developing an AngularJS application for their headless WordPress CMS. Part of the development process included adapting and integrating templates provided by a branding company. In the end, I was able to consolidate several, small existing projects into one cohesive website, improving code organization and maintainability.

    • AngularJS
    • HTML 5
    • CSS 3
  • book-kit main page

    Book Kit

    In the past, I struggled to organize my collection of tech-related bookmarks. Book Kit was designed to help bootcamp students drowning in an over abundance of online resources. The app is currently being used by Thinkful students.

    • NodeJS
    • PostgreSQL
    • Redux
  • random walk graph

    Python For Data Visualization

    I chose to use Python for my investigation presentation, both because it is a solid general-purpose language and because I was interested in learning more about how it's visualization libraries compared to R's built-in functionality.

    Following a week spent learning Python and exploring data visualization libraries, I presented my thoughts to my bootcamp cohort. The final presentation sparked particular interest from students who were considering learning Python.

    • Python 3.5
    • Pygal
    • Matplot
  • time control popup over Google search page

    Time Control

    Finding relevant and up-to-date technical information online can be challenaging. I created this Google Chrome™ extension, in order to take control of Google search's built-in time span filters. The extension saves a user's time span preferences across searches and sessions, meaning they don't have to worry about outdated resources popping up in their search results.

    • HTML5
    • LESS
    • Javascript
  • webpage screenshot

    School of Information Sciences Tech Tutorials

    When I began working in the Instructional Technology and Design (ITD) office, I noticed how hard it was to find information in their publically avaliable Tech Tutorials. In an effort to increase the usability of the webpages, I redesigned their CSS and reorganized the content of the most relevant site. This reorganization helped not only the School community but my fellow coworkers access relevant information more quickly.

    The ITD office at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign’s Graduate School of Informational Science continues to maintain this series of tutorials.

    • Instruction
    • Organization
    • UX

a11y and Beyond

  • libguide screenshot

    Web Accessibility for People With Visual Impairments

    I created a LibGuide to help new web developers learn more about Web accessibility. By creating the guide, I was able to explore a topic relevant to both my life as a developer and as a visually impaired individual. After publishing the guide, I learned from several classmates that they had used the guide to research their own projects.

    • a11y
    • UX
    • Advice
  • NARA webpape screenshot

    "Americans with Disabilities" Research Page

    My passion for curating and sharing information led me to pursue an Internship at the The National Archives. While researching a post for the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), I discovered the Archives only had two digitized records relating to the event. I knew the Archives held more records relating to the Act but they were not digitized and therefore not widely accessible.

    Over the course of two summers I worked with the Archives and several other agencies to put together a research page relating to Americans with Disabilities that would make the information accessible to the people who would need it the most. The resulting, Americans with Disabilities, webpage contains over 50 records and is available on the National Archives website.

    • Organization
    • Communication
    • Social Media